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What is Skalgubbar?

A steadily growing cut out people collection of me and all the fantastic people I know. Made to bring visualizations of unbuilt architecture to life. It’s a personal project by me, Teodor, that follows my everyday life. Yes, I know all of the people and call them friends.


How to use Skalgubbar / License

Skalgubbar is free to use for anyone who wants to bring their visualizations of unbuilt architecture to life. For students as well as for commercial use.

Main guideline: Your architecture should be in focus. Skalgubbar is not to be used as free standing pictures. Have a look at these projects to see some good examples of usage.

If Skalgubbar is part of your architectural academic publication (e.g. master thesis) or other publication where sources are being mentioned, you should also credit Skalgubbar with a link to

If you intend to use Skalgubbar for anything else than populating visualizations of architecture projects – please do not, since this is not part of the free license. If you have questions or if Skalgubbar and your non-architecture project really is a match made in heaven, contact me first.



Who runs Skalgubbar?

My name is Teodor Javanaud Emdén, I’m a freshly baked architect from Sweden. I’m all about the future and human scale in architecture. Feel free to contact me about anything:



If you like my work and want to support the project, I would be very thankful for some cash to spend on stuff that will make this project better. So please support your favorite architecture blog, and buy something in the Shop.


Published in:

RUM Magazine: Ranked #100 most powerful in Swedish design 2016 (swedish)
MARK Magazine #57 (2015)
The Fox is Black (2014)
Archileaks (2013) (swedish)
Archdaily (2013)
Ronen Bekerman (2013)
Arkitektens Forlag (2013) (danish)



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