After a busy weekend with a cycling race in Malmö saturday and moving F to her new flat sunday, we celebrated with pizza, while listening to ac/dc and turkish music simultaneously. Here is J sitting at Vårväderstorget.


We were still waiting for C to come out and play, so in the meantime J had a beer in a slow manner, sitting on the park bench. C didn’t answer on his phone. In the end we knocked on his door, he opened. It turned out to be a nice evening.


We waited for C to come out and join us for some boule, football or something in the park. F sat down on the asphalt. We waited. He never showed up.


At the bicycle festival, I also met J who had just bought some fantasticly cheap kodak A3 photo paper. Later she had  rice porrige with gazoline sprinkled on top (yummy), while watching roller racing.


I met L at the Bicycle Festival this weekend. He wanted to talk to a guy who he had seen, who wore his ‘dream shoes’ so he waited and waited…. for a couple of hours! Skam den som ger sig.