Our favorite one and only foreign exchange student N has just finished his last lunch at Chalmers Kårhus, as always with a smile on his face while hovering!


I love the smell of pain in the morning! I have been to France for a week now. Nice to be on the country side, breath the fresh air, listen to the language, and simultaneously eat as much delicious foods as possible.


We went in to the wild of Dalsland for a few days. Bears, wolves, owls and älgs rules this part of Sweden, but we managed to get home alive in the trolley. As happy campers, we figured the best food to bring with us, was freshly baked pizzas.


J came to visit for a couple of days. Coffee, beer, coffee, beer, coffee. Here we are on the way back to the railway station, walking on ants after a cup of coffee.


Me and F visited my sister this weekend. I met the new wonderful little eat-shit-and-sleep-machine, E for the first time. And I also had som red berries. Nice way to spend a sunday.


On the way to ‘loppis på heden’ which of course was closed (due to partille cup), I met these two guys, E and L. A walking couple!


Work is done for the day in Gråbo. B is complaining about reading pdf’s on his old phone. Added more fruit peel to the anthill. Great day!