I love the smell of pain in the morning! I have been to France for a week now. Nice to be on the country side, breath the fresh air, listen to the language, and simultaneously eat as much delicious foods as possible.


Me and F visited my sister this weekend. I met the new wonderful little eat-shit-and-sleep-machine, E for the first time. And I also had som red berries. Nice way to spend a sunday.


Childhood flashback: I bought a moped when I was fifteen. It could go as fast as 50km/h, maybe a bit faster. It was really handy to have when growing up in the countryside. I “repaired” it until it broke. So I sold it.


I overtook H with a big smile on my face on the finish line at the singlespeed bike race Ronde van Retaard 2010. Since he is the faster rider, H was kind enough to wait for me the whole stage… but in the end I used his kindness against him.


Another childhood flashback. My dad made me a shining armour (and a war-axe). Many medals of honour. I was very in to knights, romans and greeks when I was little. Later also guns and rifles. I turned out to be quite peaceful after my ‘violent’ childhood after all. Note: This was well before Game Of Thrones!


Me and F went fishing yesterday in Vänersborg.  We got four ‘mörtar’ in total, not bad I think. We let them all back in Vänern since they were so small… and also mörtar.