E is walking the stairs at Chalmers, the same day we finished with the infamous course “Byggnaden som system” – or as someone said “Build Rome in one day”.


This guy is neither friend of family, but I couldn’t resist to share this little piece of french heaven. A meat delivery man walking about in Piegut, France. This is undoubly THE way to get your meat delivered.


J came to visit for a couple of days. Coffee, beer, coffee, beer, coffee. Here we are on the way back to the railway station, walking on ants after a cup of coffee.


On the way to ‘loppis på heden’ which of course was closed (due to partille cup), I met these two guys, E and L. A walking couple!


Work is done for the day in Gråbo. B is complaining about reading pdf’s on his old phone. Added more fruit peel to the anthill. Great day!


Me J and J sold a few things on a fleemarket… the sales went ok, but ofcourse we got an irritating parking ticket… In the end, after two pizzas and a kebab roll, we ended up roughly +-0. Or at least I did. Here’s J on his way to the pizzeria.


Today J is very happy, because he presented his master thesis and filed all the papers needed to get his engineering degree. Good work and congratulations!


I met C today on my way to school. I had forgot my wallet at home, but it was a good excuse to  take an extra walk in the sunny weather.


I went to see my sister and parents yesterday in Vänersborg. We went on a walk after dinner, and P was the only one I got a picture of.


I have been to school all day today (yes i know it’s sunday). Afterwards, me and F had some free bulgur-salad and then took a walk in Änggårdsbergen.