Skalgubbar saves the day for BIG and ‘Hôtel des horlogers’ which I am partly responsible for in concept phase. A lot of fun developing this project with a super nice team. One tiny reason Skalgubbar saves the day for this project is because I placed the people myself 😎


Skalgubbar saves the day for Snøhetta and Vestre and the 70 years anniversary exhibition “Folk+Form” that was showing in Oslo, Norway August-September 2017. J (mirrored) and M (Skalgubbar #295) are split up and as silhouettes. Used somehow outside of the free license, this kind of use of Skalgubbar is not really recommended. But it’s one of the few examples of 1:1 scale built Skalgubbar I have come across. Read more here.

Hello new blue site, again!

During the weekend Skalgubbar has migrated to new hosting and also a new content management system. When I recently updated the site back in June, it was clear that it was time to move out from Tumblr that hosted Skalgubbar until yesterday. Now finally the site is hosted on a server in Göteborg, Sweden where it belongs. So today I’m proud to again present a totally fresh new site for Skalgubbar that almost looks the same, with some new features:

  • The shop has been overhauled. It’s now integrated in the site and powered by Woocommerce. Also loaded with some exciting NEW STUFF that I hope you will like.
  • A more responsive experience on different screens and mobile devices.
  • Smoother and easier access to the pictures.
  • Faster and more reliable site and speedier hosting.

There are more features in the making… so keep an eye out. Thank you, and enjoy!