Skalgubbbar #341 E as improvised Jultomten aka Santa Claus


Gooood juul / Merrrrrry Xmas says E in a quickly improvised Jultomten aka Santa Claus outfit… and even more quickly revealed by the children “It’s mum!”


Skalgubbar wishes a retroactive merry christmas to you all! Probably the poorest and fastest disguised santa claus in the world came to visit this christmas… with a stocking as “monoglove” and a paper sack from the supermarket. Luckily, the holiday is over for this time.


Another childhood flashback. My dad made me a shining armour (and a war-axe). Many medals of honour. I was very in to knights, romans and greeks when I was little. Later also guns and rifles. I turned out to be quite peaceful after my ‘violent’ childhood after all. Note: This was well before Game Of Thrones!