H is leaning back very classy onto a stone wall, watching the Peugeot 309 or the neighbor’s kids jump on the trampoline.


G just arrived home from India and is struggeling uphill with his trusty old bike on the way to Frauental. He’s travelling light with just a stick in his basket.


The bike suite continues! I stopped my bike and took some photos of the insane light and the double rainbow in Valby, when A came riding by me while talking on the phone.


H went out on a bike ride starting in Göteborg and when he reached the south of Sweden he took the bike over to Denmark and visited me for a few days in Copenhagen. Tak for besøget!


B doing a track stand after a 4 ARK brunch, not totally comfortable being a ‘hipster’ cut out. However he’s riding a nice custom made D.A.M.P frame and has some good balance going! Cheers


Another photo from the archives, since I don’t have a camera for the moment. This is H and his Surly Crosscheck, outside Chalmers Architecture in october 2010.