Another photo from the archives, since I don’t have a camera for the moment. This is H and his Surly Crosscheck, outside Chalmers Architecture in october 2010.


We went in to the wild of Dalsland for a few days. Bears, wolves, owls and älgs rules this part of Sweden, but we managed to get home alive in the trolley. As happy campers, we figured the best food to bring with us, was freshly baked pizzas.


I overtook H with a big smile on my face on the finish line at the singlespeed bike race Ronde van Retaard 2010. Since he is the faster rider, H was kind enough to wait for me the whole stage… but in the end I used his kindness against him.


While J was doing the hula hoops, J changed his road bike tire. The old one was totally worn out and almost no glue left on the rim. It was about time J!


J changed a tire on his road bike. J tried his luck in a hula hoop dance. I remember being quite good 15 years ago or so, when I tried it today however, that was not the case. But we put on a good show for the neighbourhood there for a few minutes!


I met C today on my way to school. I had forgot my wallet at home, but it was a good excuse to  take an extra walk in the sunny weather.


Me and J went for a 120km bike ride, and had a nice easter dinner half way at my sisters… Herring and eggs, straight to the legs!